Denver Hamilton Deodorant Spray - For Men

Product Code: BM-1005
Sale Volume : 50
Price: Rs. 199.00 Rs. 189.00

Key Features of Denver Hamilton Deodorant Spray - For Men

    • Possess Signature Scents

    • Keeps Refreshed for Hours

    • Long-lasting Fragrance

Denver Hamilton Deodorant Spray - For Men

For all-day fragrance you can now fall back on Denver Hamilton Deodorant Spray because it is the right formulation to deliver every right feature for the best deodorant.
Possess Signature Scents
You can always own that unique scent among friends as the deodorant is formulated with a signature scent that will leave a mystery behind everywhere you go.
Keeps You Refreshed for Hours
The scent is a special collection of fragrances that can help in reviving the freshness your body lost after a few hours of the morning shower. Your charisma will only be heightened with the unique scent as you walk into a room and command attention.

Long Lasting Fragrance
A fragrance that will not leave your skin or clothes in a matter of hours but will ensure that you smell distinctively sharp and attractive for a longer part of your everyday will be delivered with this Hamilton Deodorant.