Fogg Royal Fragrance Body Spray - 120 ml

Product Code: BM-1015
Sale Volume : 25
Price: Rs. 195.00 Rs. 190.00

Key Features of Fogg Royal Fragrance Body Spray - 120 ml

    • Refreshing and Exhilarating Fragrance

    • Neutralises Body Odours and Perspiration

    • Long-lasting

Fogg Royal Fragrance Body Spray - 120 ml

Let your fragrance speak for yourself with the Fogg Royal Deodorant that envelops you in a fine masculine fragrance and keeps body odour at bay.

Refreshing and Exhilarating Fragrance

The easy-to-carry-off Fogg spray gives you fresh bursts of energy and keeps you feeling refreshed and great.

Neutralises Body Odour and Perspiration

The fresh spray envelopes you and keeps you feeling really refreshed while ensuring body odour and perspiration are kept at bay.

Long Lasting

The unique formula ensures that this Fogg Royal Deodorant lasts through your conference, team meeting and that evening catch up with friends.